Refreshing and Nutritious: How to Make Grewia asiatica Juice

One excellent method for making sherbet or sharbat from Falsa juice. Grewia Asiatica, also known as Falsa, opens up a world of possibilities. Learn everything there is to know about “Khattay Meethay Phalsay,” including its various uses.

Today I hail the affection for South Asians, the warm area’s Falsa berry. The sweet and acidic poignancy is hard to envision and, surprisingly, challenging to neglect once tasted! Enjoy it like candy popping one after the other by snacking on it with masala or black salt.

Phalsa (sounds such a lot of like a Greek science lab berry, haha!) Grapes, on the other hand, offer a different experience. The withered and darker looking falsa ones are sweet (meethay) and firm rosy purple ones are acrid (khattay). Therefore, falsa is a delightful summer snack.

Grewia Asiatica, also known as falsa or Phalsa, is the ingredient in the diluted and sweetened beverage known as falsa juice. Falsa sharbat is another name for falsa juice.


Falsa, otherwise called Indian Sherbet Berry is logically known as Grewia Asiatica is an organic product like a berry yet it’s anything but a berry.

Falsa is plentiful in minerals, nutrients, and cancer prevention agents. It is really great for a weight reduction diet too as it can recharge numerous supplements. It cools you down in the summer and helps you stay hydrated. More advantages of Falsa can be found here!

The extracted Falsa juice can be used to make a drink—or sherbet, or whatever you want to call it. Asian berries known as Grewia and even Phalsa Berry are not to be missed if you can get your hands on falsa.


Therefore, Falsa, sugar, and black salt are clearly the ingredients.


Fruit that is still crisp and fresh will last longer without becoming acidic.


Sugar is the most common sweetener, but jaggery or any other sweetener would work well. Keep in mind that a lot of it would be needed to balance the tartness of falsa.

Black salt:

Most often, this ingredient is added to reduce tartness and improve flavor. You can utilize pink salt as well. If you’re using stronger table salt, use half the amount.


Making falsa sharbat is a touch of work! Ask me: Why do I have to make sherbet when my husband and father-in-law keep buying kilograms of these berries and it takes me half the time to make it?

So, let’s start! We’ll do our best to keep it as clean as possible.

1. Make use of fresh falsa and separate the stem and other dirt from it. Then thoroughly wash. Blend falsa with a little water in a food processor. Work in three batches, adding approximately one cup of water to each. Utilizing throb gives 2-3 heartbeats just so the seed isolates from mash without crushing seeds. ( Try not to crush seeds that give awful flavor and tacky surface to juice.)

2.  Place a sifter over a bowl to gather the juice. Using a rubber spatula, press the juice down. Work in two bunches.

3.  Add 1 cup of water and blend well. We’ll strain again to remove every single drop of flavor.

4.  Once more strain the juice. At this point, I prefer to squeeze the pulp with my hands.)
(Side note: You could line the strainer with cheesecloth and manually squeeze the juice out, but I find this extra laborious.)

5. That is the juice that was obtained by twice straining. Presently, add sugar and salt and blend until sugar breaks down. Falsa Sherbet syrup is prepared. ( Genius tip: You could do all the mixing in a submersion blender also.) Sharbat can now be prepared and served. Or on the other hand freeze the phalsa syrup.

6. In the event that not freezing and putting away the syrup for over 24 hours in the ice chest then heat up the juice for 30 seconds. Remove the foam.

7. After boiling, the nutrients, flavor, and color fade, so try drinking fresh juice or freezing the syrup.

8.  Add water and ice to the syrup. Blend well and do a trial. Add more water as/whenever required. Serve chilled.


To Keep: Every year, I make falsa juice. I’ve tried freezing, cooking, and everything in between. Crude falsa juice has higher dietary benefit and tastes well, freezing likewise holds the flavor of the juice significantly.

Bubble provided that you feel the sherbet is going to decay. I wanted to talk about the boiling option because falsa rot quickly and you frequently think of using fruit in recipes when not eaten fresh.

To Use: The falsa syrup can be used in a few different ways.

Popsicles: Simply dilute the sweetened falsa juice with water and freeze it to create the world’s best falsa popsicle. The main thing to caution is you simply will not have the option to focus on anything until all popsicles are no more. Yes, it truly is amazing!

Falsa sorbet: Make falsa sorbet in an ice cream maker if you have one.

Chutney: We likewise make falsa chutney in the event you need to see, think about what you can make falsa jam or jam as well. ( We can’t get enough of popsicles and sherbet, so it’s not my cup of tea.)

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